Friday, February 29, 2008

A Temple for Templates

One of the ways I feel and keep myself organized is with various forms. Computerized and already made for me forms. I'll be honest, I am lazy in the creation and creativity department. I just don't want to make the time to create an invoice, fascimile sheet, or budget sheet. Do you?

Most of us have some form of Microsoft office or office helper on our computers already. But, they can be kind of boring or they don't have exactly what we are needing or wanting.

Check out Microsoft Office Online. They have so many FREE and downloadable templates. I downloaded my monthly budget from here and my personal fascimile sheet for my home business of freelance writing gigs. They have so many options. Plus, if it needs a little tweaking, you can still adjust it to your exact liking.

They have a template for some of the most random categories!

I am sure you can find something that will fit your needs.

Here are just a FEW examples:

Grocery List

Christmas List



So, help you and/or your family stay a little more organized with a new checklist, form, or budget without having to take the time to create it yourself!

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jmcqueen82 said...

LOOOOVE IT!! I especially like the grocery list example.