Friday, July 11, 2008

Smart Summer Travel

It's Summer. Most of you have probably planned your summer vacations or even already been there and back. Yes, I am jealous. Although I do not have any big Summer vacation plans, I still love finding new and creative travel solutions for my future travels.

Today, traveling can be tough when it comes to packing. If you are flying, your luggage is now limited and you have to pay extra for each bag you check with the airline. If you are driving, space can be an issue for many reasons, such as driving a smaller but more economic car and/or you are trying to carry less in your vehicle to save on gas.

Packing smart is becoming far more necessary yet can be fun and sylish all at the same time. For me, packing my toiletries is the trickiest part of my travel planning. I have found some cute and smart solutions at

A key rule I try to follow when it comes to my toiletry items is this: ***If it doesn't fit in the designated case or spot, remove something you know you don't really need. Are you really going to need your hairspray at the beach???? Ask yourself these kind of questions. You probably won't need all the same products at your temporary final destination. If you think you will probably need them, buy a cheaper travel size don't need the whole 20oz bottle. Plus, wherever you are going probably has stores nearby where you can get something you left behind.

Damask Tri Fold Cosmetic Case in Black and White by Room It Up™

Polka Dot Tri Fold Cosmetic Case by Room It Up™

Travel Bottle Set with Pouch by Lewis N. Clark

Hanging Jewelry Organizer in Turquoise by Baggallini®

Hanging Cosmetics Bag in Lime by Baggallini®

Black Hanging Travel Toiletry Kit by Lewis N. Clark

I had one of these document holders when I traveled overseas and I loved having it. I knew where my travel information and passport were at all times and never had to dig in my purse for items.
Ticket Organizer in Black by Baggallini®

I love this Expandable Cargo Cooler! I wish I had a rode trip sometime soon!
Expandable Cargo Cooler in Tan by Jokari®

There are so many great travel ideas and items available at our fingertips. Do you have any good travel tricks or travel items that make your travel more easy?