Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Am Losing My Memory

I have realized lately that I must be losing my memory. I used to be one of those people that never needed to write anything down. I could remember an entire grocery list, any phone number, where I set something down, ideas for writing, to do’s and almost anything anyone said to me. I cannot do any of these things any longer. But, I am willing to adapt because my thoughts needs to stay organized.

Today, I am on the prowl for a pretty and stylish notepad holder. Starting today, I will forever carry a notepad with me in style. I will take notes constantly regardless of how silly I will look. I have seen many people doing this in stores. It’s not that bad. My inability to remember what something cost in another store is so frustrating…yes, I am a price comparison shopper.

I considered using the notepad in my phone, but I think writing these things down on paper is much more fitting for this sometimes old fashioned gal. Blah blah save the trees and whatnot…ok, ok, I will also make sure I use recycled paper.

So, if you can’t remember daily to do’s and what cost what, do yourself a favor…keep your thoughts organized. If electronics are your thing, your cell phone has great memory organizing helpers. I do use my calendar on my phone. Set reminders for birthdays, doctor’s appointments, kids’ events, and heck, even your alarm. I used to have a PDA in addition to my phone, but the lugging of the two of them around was a little much. But, if that is your preference, PDA’s are a great tool also. They are available in different sizes and can be found for pretty decent and affordable prices.

But, for me…and the Katherine Heigl character in 27 Dresses, the good ole planner from Target or Wal-mart is good enough. Sometimes I really do like to keep it simple. Write it down or type it up.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Ok. I have been super MIA in the OKC with too many things on my mind before I head out for my vacation. I have neglected my fellow organizing buddies. But, today I have a treat! I remembered this quiz I had stumbled upon that our lovely and scrumptuous Peter Walsh provided on So take the quiz and asses where your clutter issues may be more of an aweful habit that seriously needs to be kicked.

Let me know how it goes!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Set Yourself Free

A long time childhood friend of mine recently informed me that she took my advice. She organized her office area in her home. Well, she organized the area that collects stacks of papers in her home. She attained a file cabinet for this area and created her little personal organized piece of paper heaven. You know how she feels now that she has done this? Free.

She feels like there is this part of her that has finally been set free and she feels as if she can breathe a little bit better now.

This is the most important aspect of organizing your clutter. You need to organize your things because if they are in absolute disarray, you are essentially letting the things in your life have all the control. Take control of your life. Take control of what you want to do with your things. Things are not "that" important. The people in your life are far more important. Your happiness and quality of life far exceed any immediate and short live enjoyment one can find in a "thing." If the way you live your life and if the way your living space is arranged currently hinders your existence in any way, change it! organize it!

Change and organize your life to your liking too. If you don't know how you want this done, you can listen to others and find plenty of tools on the internet. Remember, just because an organized system works for someone else, it doesn't mean it will work for you too. Check your options, ask an organized friend, and most importantly, do what it best for you. You are the one that lives in your life and you are the one who will need to keep it maintained to your own standards.

So, I am challenging you. If there is a corner of the room, a desktop, a stack of papers, a closet, a kitchen drawer, or any other space that is festering in the back of your something about. Do one area this week. Doing all if it at once will more than likely overwhelm you and cause you to quit before you are done. But if you feel the organizing OCD kicking in, more power to you. Regardless of what clutter area is bugging you, take it head on.

Let me know how it goes!