Sunday, October 25, 2009

I found some great organization tips through this post from Black Eiffel. The post directed us to Kevin Sharkey's kitchen he had organized by Martha Stewart...and I'm absolutely crushing on this small kitchen.

I'm a wee bit jealous of his Under Shelf should be too. It's fabulous. (So are the mugs.)

I might also be jealous of the lower drawer...and the rice cooker. Just saying.

Keep on Keepin on.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Check Out Checklists!

My mind has been in a frenzy trying to organize this upcoming road trip. I can't keep it all straight in my head. If you can, then you are absolutely amazing and I absolutely envy you. The mind is not perfect, especially mine. So, checklists are definitely necessary.

I started an Itinerary Binder for this trip so that I could keep all the details in order. It has been incredibly helpful. I will share it with you very soon.

For now, the preparations are getting very detailed and I don't even know what to put on my checklists I have been wanting to make for myself. So, I went to the internet for help. I found a couple of "checklists" sites that are very helpful. The checklists I found are not perfectly designed specificly for me, but they certainly help for many reasons.

First, the checklists I found are great for giving me a starting point. I may not use all the items in each checklist that I found, but most of the items pertained to my situation very well. I can either re-create my own personal checklist using one I found online as a guide or just use the one I found online and mark out or add items as I see fit.

Second, the checklists definitely made me go "Oh yeah! I will need that!" and "Oh my gosh! I would have never thought of that!". So, referring to other created checklists and other's ideas is definitely a good idea for reminders. When there is so much to think about and prepare, the mind just might forget something very important.

I found three checklists at that I think are great for my trip. I printed off the "Personal Hygiene Products Checklist", the "General Traveling Checklist", and the "Petsitter, Reminder Checklist". These were all found under the "travel & leisure" link on the left hand side of the homepage. You will need Adobe PDF in order to print off their printer-friendly checklists, but the best part is that the checklists are FREE!

I also found a checklist at that will work for this trip. I liked "The Traveler's Expense Checklist". Since Sparky and I are not married, we want to make sure each of us is contributing to the trip fairly (in the monetary sense). So, this is a great checklist. It offers categories for "food", "car", "entertainment", and "other".

There were so many other categories for checklists at both websites that I think I will definitely take advantage of in the future. I found a "closet organization" checklist that I absolutely fell in love with, but will have to enjoy when I get back from my vacation.

For now, I'm off to create, perfect and mark off items from my checklists.

In preparation for this trip, I'm also making the following lists/checklists:

1. Packing list- His and Hers (other than personal hygiene since I got one from

2. Grocery list (items needed to take on the trip)

3. Feeding intructions for each dog.

Luckily, Sparky and I have someone who will be dog/house sitting the entire time we are gone. This is such a relief. Knowing that someone will be present everyday at our home and with our dogs while we are gone is just one less thing to worry about while away. I highly recommend this. Try to find a family member or a close friend to do this for you while you are away.

Keep on Keepin on.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Road Trip

I have been planning on my upcoming vacation for a few months now and the organizing wheels are spinning in my head. Why? Because it's a week long road trip, lovies! It will be so fun!

First, I made an itinerary binder to start off with and I will blog more about it throughout this week. But for now, I want to share with you some super uber fun organizing traveling items that can give your road trip a little bit more ease and a little bit more spunk and funk.

As would be expected, I heart all things mean I really really HEART this site. I check it often to get cute little ideas in my head. The items I am sharing with you today are from

I hate trash in a car just as much as anyone else, but I will have to admit that I may be the worst about letting it accumulate in my car. I need this or something very similar to this. I like that this hangs in the back seat area so that it doesn't take up leg room and it doesn't accumulate in the front where a guest riding in your car is more than likely going to be sitting. Plus it comes in more than one color and it's very affordable.
Auto Litter Bag in Pink by Talus. (It also comes in dark blue and black)

Here is another option for trash collecting in your car if you prefer having it on the floor.
Auto Trashstand - Extra Large

I love this little tote for a road trip. I am not much of a fast food eater although I am a huge snacker. This tote will be great for pre-bought items that are non-perishable and can be kept easily separated and nearby for easy munchy access.
Baguette Bag - Paisley Princess by Bungalow

I also love this tote for the same non-perishable snacky food items. Pre-bought boxes of food items can be easily stored in this tote. You will probably still have room for napkins or plates and utensils as well.
Tote Bag - Brown & Lime Damask by Buckhead Betties

We all know that traveling sure does not eliminate the dirty clothes pile from creeping up with us. I love this little lingerie bag for it's cute little design but I also would use it for a good way to separate my not so fresh clothes from the very fresh clothes. Or you can use it for it's original purpose for just keeping your lingerie separated from the rest of your clothes...clean or not so clean.
Get Fresh Travel and Storage Bag - Ooh La La!

I think this check off list/pad is way super cute and it serves a purpose.
Pack This! Pad from Knock Knock

So, stay organized and cute during your travels! It will definitely help make your trip more relaxing and fun!

Keep on Keepin on.

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Ultimate Closet Sweepstakes!

OMG! How exciting! The Container Store is having The Ultimate Closet Sweepstakes! You can enter here.

Good Luck!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Smart Summer Travel

It's Summer. Most of you have probably planned your summer vacations or even already been there and back. Yes, I am jealous. Although I do not have any big Summer vacation plans, I still love finding new and creative travel solutions for my future travels.

Today, traveling can be tough when it comes to packing. If you are flying, your luggage is now limited and you have to pay extra for each bag you check with the airline. If you are driving, space can be an issue for many reasons, such as driving a smaller but more economic car and/or you are trying to carry less in your vehicle to save on gas.

Packing smart is becoming far more necessary yet can be fun and sylish all at the same time. For me, packing my toiletries is the trickiest part of my travel planning. I have found some cute and smart solutions at

A key rule I try to follow when it comes to my toiletry items is this: ***If it doesn't fit in the designated case or spot, remove something you know you don't really need. Are you really going to need your hairspray at the beach???? Ask yourself these kind of questions. You probably won't need all the same products at your temporary final destination. If you think you will probably need them, buy a cheaper travel size don't need the whole 20oz bottle. Plus, wherever you are going probably has stores nearby where you can get something you left behind.

Damask Tri Fold Cosmetic Case in Black and White by Room It Up™

Polka Dot Tri Fold Cosmetic Case by Room It Up™

Travel Bottle Set with Pouch by Lewis N. Clark

Hanging Jewelry Organizer in Turquoise by Baggallini®

Hanging Cosmetics Bag in Lime by Baggallini®

Black Hanging Travel Toiletry Kit by Lewis N. Clark

I had one of these document holders when I traveled overseas and I loved having it. I knew where my travel information and passport were at all times and never had to dig in my purse for items.
Ticket Organizer in Black by Baggallini®

I love this Expandable Cargo Cooler! I wish I had a rode trip sometime soon!
Expandable Cargo Cooler in Tan by Jokari®

There are so many great travel ideas and items available at our fingertips. Do you have any good travel tricks or travel items that make your travel more easy?

Monday, May 5, 2008

Organize Your Recipes

Some of you may be laughing at this post, asking yourself "Does Deb even own any recipes?!!" Well, technically, the answer is yes. I own a Rachel Ray 30-minute meals cook book. I've used it once. Go ahead and make your snarky remarks.

Moving on. This post is inspired by my monkey of a signficant other's wonderful mother. I recently helped her pack her kitchen and I encountered a drawer full of recipes. She has mountains of them. When I asked how she acquired all these recipes, she explained that she clips and prints any recipe she finds that she wants to try. She admiited that there were probably some that resembled recipes she already had, but she doesn't know where to find them.

Lightbulb, organizing post.

Don't get me wrong. This woman is pretty organized and did have a recipe book with recipe clippings strategically placed near appropriate food categories. So we discussed going through her clippings and printed recipes one day and binding all her recipes and making it easy for her to find and add recipes. Yet to happen, but I am hopeful. :)

So, what would I do given the opportunity? Categories! Just like other recipe books. Stick to specific categories that work for you: Snacks, Soups, Chicken, Beef, Fish, Salads, Crock Pots, Chocolate, Fruits, Vegetables, Rice, kid food. You can keep it generic or make it more specific and fun. ...of course, alphebatize the categories once you have decided on them. You will probably figure out categories as you sort through all your recipes.

Sort through your recipes and keep like recipes together. Take note of repeat recipes and please THROW them away. Or, if you just have to have them, staple them together. :)

Now, here comes the binding. What do you do with all the recipes once they are sorted? Find a binding strategy that works for you. I would simply buy a binder that fits the recipe needs and future recipes. Idealy, I would copy or type up all the recipes so that they can be put in a nice order when bound. Some of you recipe nazis out there will probably want to keep acutal clippings. Completely ok. Get some binder inserts that you can just put the recipe clippings in and label the insert with some cooking cuteness if you want.

So, catergorize, sort, alphabetize, copy or type or use inserts, and bind.

Or get this shnazzy Recipe Binder Set by russell+hazel if found at

How do you organize your recipes?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Do You Purge Your Closet?

How often do you purge your closet? I go through my closet twice a year and always manage to find items that I do not wear, have not worn, and will not ever wear again. It is amazing how much your clothing tastes change every six months. Plus, I have an old small but adorable house, so my closet space is limited. If I can do it, you can do it.

So, here are 5 Closet Organizing Tips that I found at Organizing Network that I already follow with my own little twists to them.

1. Items used most frequently should be on shelves at eye level.

Ok. I am all of 5ft. and 1 whole inch. Eye level would be pretty ridiculous for me. Can we say midget closet? So, when I open my closet, I have one bar directly in front of my that holds my pants and jeans. I know I definitely will need these items everyday so they are right in front...not eye level, but slightly raised for normalcy issues.

2. Break alike items down into baskets.

I don't do this only because I don't have the space for baskets. But, I believe this is a great functional and aesthetically pleasing tip.

3. Hang all like clothes together, i.e., skirts in one area, blouses in another.

OH YES. This is a definite must do. Like I mentioned before, my pants are directly in front of my forehead. On the left are jackets, then suits, skirts, then dresses. On the right side of my closet are long sleeved shirts, short sleeved shirts, and tank tops. All in that order from back to front because dresses and tank tops are my most frequently used items. And, yes, they are all color coordinated. This is optional, but highly suggested. :)

4. Put shoes in boxes that are labeled or a rack where they can be easily viewed.

OH YES, again. I have a 3-tier shoe rack on the floor of my closet with my most frequently used feet accessories easily access able. The shoes that I break out on special occasion get their own plastic clear bins that are easily stackable. All these shoes go on the shelves above my clothes. I can still see what shoes are in what bin and they save space due to their stackable abilities. Easy. You don't even have to label them if you don't want to.

5. If you haven’t worn it in a year, either move to a less used closet, or give away.

This is a super important rule. Unless it has sentimental value, give it away to someone who can wear it and get good use out of it. You know that you have purchased items throughout the year and you need the space anyway. The chances of you or I wearing something again that we have not worn in over a year are very slim...and probably because we are no longer as slim as we used to be. ...or if you are lucky...are too slim to wear it again.

So, lets get into the Spring spirit with a closet purge. I normally donate my purged items to a charity like the Salvation Army or any local charity I find that needs some help... and some charities will even pick it up for you! Plus, you may even find a long lost gem that you forgot you's like buying something new.