Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Check Out Checklists!

My mind has been in a frenzy trying to organize this upcoming road trip. I can't keep it all straight in my head. If you can, then you are absolutely amazing and I absolutely envy you. The mind is not perfect, especially mine. So, checklists are definitely necessary.

I started an Itinerary Binder for this trip so that I could keep all the details in order. It has been incredibly helpful. I will share it with you very soon.

For now, the preparations are getting very detailed and I don't even know what to put on my checklists I have been wanting to make for myself. So, I went to the internet for help. I found a couple of "checklists" sites that are very helpful. The checklists I found are not perfectly designed specificly for me, but they certainly help for many reasons.

First, the checklists I found are great for giving me a starting point. I may not use all the items in each checklist that I found, but most of the items pertained to my situation very well. I can either re-create my own personal checklist using one I found online as a guide or just use the one I found online and mark out or add items as I see fit.

Second, the checklists definitely made me go "Oh yeah! I will need that!" and "Oh my gosh! I would have never thought of that!". So, referring to other created checklists and other's ideas is definitely a good idea for reminders. When there is so much to think about and prepare, the mind just might forget something very important.

I found three checklists at that I think are great for my trip. I printed off the "Personal Hygiene Products Checklist", the "General Traveling Checklist", and the "Petsitter, Reminder Checklist". These were all found under the "travel & leisure" link on the left hand side of the homepage. You will need Adobe PDF in order to print off their printer-friendly checklists, but the best part is that the checklists are FREE!

I also found a checklist at that will work for this trip. I liked "The Traveler's Expense Checklist". Since Sparky and I are not married, we want to make sure each of us is contributing to the trip fairly (in the monetary sense). So, this is a great checklist. It offers categories for "food", "car", "entertainment", and "other".

There were so many other categories for checklists at both websites that I think I will definitely take advantage of in the future. I found a "closet organization" checklist that I absolutely fell in love with, but will have to enjoy when I get back from my vacation.

For now, I'm off to create, perfect and mark off items from my checklists.

In preparation for this trip, I'm also making the following lists/checklists:

1. Packing list- His and Hers (other than personal hygiene since I got one from

2. Grocery list (items needed to take on the trip)

3. Feeding intructions for each dog.

Luckily, Sparky and I have someone who will be dog/house sitting the entire time we are gone. This is such a relief. Knowing that someone will be present everyday at our home and with our dogs while we are gone is just one less thing to worry about while away. I highly recommend this. Try to find a family member or a close friend to do this for you while you are away.

Keep on Keepin on.

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