Sunday, August 2, 2009

Road Trip

I have been planning on my upcoming vacation for a few months now and the organizing wheels are spinning in my head. Why? Because it's a week long road trip, lovies! It will be so fun!

First, I made an itinerary binder to start off with and I will blog more about it throughout this week. But for now, I want to share with you some super uber fun organizing traveling items that can give your road trip a little bit more ease and a little bit more spunk and funk.

As would be expected, I heart all things mean I really really HEART this site. I check it often to get cute little ideas in my head. The items I am sharing with you today are from

I hate trash in a car just as much as anyone else, but I will have to admit that I may be the worst about letting it accumulate in my car. I need this or something very similar to this. I like that this hangs in the back seat area so that it doesn't take up leg room and it doesn't accumulate in the front where a guest riding in your car is more than likely going to be sitting. Plus it comes in more than one color and it's very affordable.
Auto Litter Bag in Pink by Talus. (It also comes in dark blue and black)

Here is another option for trash collecting in your car if you prefer having it on the floor.
Auto Trashstand - Extra Large

I love this little tote for a road trip. I am not much of a fast food eater although I am a huge snacker. This tote will be great for pre-bought items that are non-perishable and can be kept easily separated and nearby for easy munchy access.
Baguette Bag - Paisley Princess by Bungalow

I also love this tote for the same non-perishable snacky food items. Pre-bought boxes of food items can be easily stored in this tote. You will probably still have room for napkins or plates and utensils as well.
Tote Bag - Brown & Lime Damask by Buckhead Betties

We all know that traveling sure does not eliminate the dirty clothes pile from creeping up with us. I love this little lingerie bag for it's cute little design but I also would use it for a good way to separate my not so fresh clothes from the very fresh clothes. Or you can use it for it's original purpose for just keeping your lingerie separated from the rest of your clothes...clean or not so clean.
Get Fresh Travel and Storage Bag - Ooh La La!

I think this check off list/pad is way super cute and it serves a purpose.
Pack This! Pad from Knock Knock

So, stay organized and cute during your travels! It will definitely help make your trip more relaxing and fun!

Keep on Keepin on.


Blondie said...

Yay!! The Guru is back!!!

Deb said...

I'm glad you're excited!!!