Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Do You Purge Your Closet?

How often do you purge your closet? I go through my closet twice a year and always manage to find items that I do not wear, have not worn, and will not ever wear again. It is amazing how much your clothing tastes change every six months. Plus, I have an old small but adorable house, so my closet space is limited. If I can do it, you can do it.

So, here are 5 Closet Organizing Tips that I found at Organizing Network that I already follow with my own little twists to them.

1. Items used most frequently should be on shelves at eye level.

Ok. I am all of 5ft. and 1 whole inch. Eye level would be pretty ridiculous for me. Can we say midget closet? So, when I open my closet, I have one bar directly in front of my that holds my pants and jeans. I know I definitely will need these items everyday so they are right in front...not eye level, but slightly raised for normalcy issues.

2. Break alike items down into baskets.

I don't do this only because I don't have the space for baskets. But, I believe this is a great functional and aesthetically pleasing tip.

3. Hang all like clothes together, i.e., skirts in one area, blouses in another.

OH YES. This is a definite must do. Like I mentioned before, my pants are directly in front of my forehead. On the left are jackets, then suits, skirts, then dresses. On the right side of my closet are long sleeved shirts, short sleeved shirts, and tank tops. All in that order from back to front because dresses and tank tops are my most frequently used items. And, yes, they are all color coordinated. This is optional, but highly suggested. :)

4. Put shoes in boxes that are labeled or a rack where they can be easily viewed.

OH YES, again. I have a 3-tier shoe rack on the floor of my closet with my most frequently used feet accessories easily access able. The shoes that I break out on special occasion get their own plastic clear bins that are easily stackable. All these shoes go on the shelves above my clothes. I can still see what shoes are in what bin and they save space due to their stackable abilities. Easy. You don't even have to label them if you don't want to.

5. If you haven’t worn it in a year, either move to a less used closet, or give away.

This is a super important rule. Unless it has sentimental value, give it away to someone who can wear it and get good use out of it. You know that you have purchased items throughout the year and you need the space anyway. The chances of you or I wearing something again that we have not worn in over a year are very slim...and probably because we are no longer as slim as we used to be. ...or if you are lucky...are too slim to wear it again.

So, lets get into the Spring spirit with a closet purge. I normally donate my purged items to a charity like the Salvation Army or any local charity I find that needs some help... and some charities will even pick it up for you! Plus, you may even find a long lost gem that you forgot you's like buying something new.


jmcqueen82 said...

grrr.... that reminds me, I need to get on that. it is especially important in my house. we have tiny closets like you, but what is worse, kevin and I SHARE one of those tiny closets. The rod is so bogged down it is bending in the middle. Time to purge!!

TSS said...

I got this great tip about a month ago. At the beginning of the year, face all your hanging clothes away from you and after you wear them, turn them so they face out. Then get rid of the clothes that aren't facing out after six months or a year!

Deb said...

that's a great tip. thanks TSS!