Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pottery Barn Featured Item(s): The Daily System

I love this item(s) from Pottery Barn. It is called "The Daily System" and it is just that...and more. This system can be purchased in parts to fit your "daily" needs. How fun is that?!! Nothing beats the combination of organizing and personalizing. And most of it is on sale!!! My favorite word associated with organizing and everything else my heart desires.

Here is the break down copied straight from the Pottery Barn site:

Top Display Rod, 12" long $10.00
Top Display Rod, 24" long $20.00
Smart Recharge Station/Whiteboard $129.00
Magnetic Chalkboard $39.00- $49.00 SPECIAL $39.00
Magnetic Whiteboard Calendar $49.00
Office Organizer $49.00
Corkboard $29.00
Letter Bin $39.00
Linen Pin Board $49.00
Magnetic Canisters, Set of 3 $19.00
Mahogany stain $29.00- $49.00 SALE $8.99- $39.99

And of course...photos. Take note of the choices of finishes!

I personally love the office organizer, letter bin, linen pin board, and the magnetic whiteboard calendar. I could definately settle for the letter bin and linen pin board if I "had" to choose just two...OHHHHH, the options!

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