Thursday, February 14, 2008

Organizing Heaven

Yesterday, I was in organizing heaven. Not only did my monkey of a significant other suggest we head to the local Lowes, he actually walked around the "organizing isle" with me as I salivated over shelves, baskets, closet ideas and anything else we came across. It was prime guffing time for him. (Guffing: the term Clint and I use in reference to "making fun" or giving someone "crap" or hassling.)

Poor guy, all he wanted was super glue and he ended up having to walk through my world of organization heaven.

Currently, my tiny and cabinet lacking kitchen is weighing on my mind. I am planning my kitchen over-haul with some of the following key items that I will purchase soon to make my life a little easier...and you should too!

Rev-A-Shelf Bakeware Organizer $14.47

Basics Chrome Double Basket Organizer $24.97

Real Organized 2-Tier 14" Chrome Cabinet Organizer $48.97

Real Organized 14" Hanging Sliding Basket $16.97

Real Organized 11" White Single Slide Cabinet Organizer $17.47

Real Organized 14" Chrome Under Cabinet Organizer $31.97

Real Organized White Wrap Rack $4.47

Style Selections Natural Canvas Foldable Drawer $4.88
(OK. Not a kitchen item, but cheap. I can definately find a place to use this and if it is not in use, it can be folded and stowed away.)

So, even in my organizing ventures, I try my best to be frugal. If you did not notice, all the above mentioned items are under $50 and only two are over $25. Sooooo, I had to add my ultimate item that is way cool and a bit pricey. But, if you are like me and hate having to deal with all your pots-and-pans lids, this little gadget would be very helpful. I know in the photo it shows plates, but the lids would fit very nicely. I want it!

ProCuisine 14-1/2" In-Cabinet 2-Tray Pullout $82.97

So, just a few items that can help make a kitchen a little less crazy.


C said...

Oh...Can you pleeeeeeeeeeease come to my house and organize it??? LOL! No...seriously! ;)

Hey, mind if I add you to my faves? So, how on earth did you find my little 'ol blog amongst all the millions of blogs out there?

Deb said...

Definately add me! That would be wonderful. I have already added you.

You had commented on a blog I check regularly, may have been "Starshine Report." I clicked on your profile and checked your blog and was hooked. We seem to have a lot in common!